Product Support

Our Product Support Team is available 24/7 to provide AOG and Technical Assistance

Our product support staff is here to resolve any AOG or other issues and get you back in service quickly. Our team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call anytime, day or night, and talk to a systems expert who can quickly provide solutions.

Tech In a Box – Remote Diagnostics and Firmware Updates

Intelligent Laptop Support

Remote Assistance – without the need for an on-site support team saves critical time and resources.

Stay connected with remote diagnostics and software updates. Our Support Team can remotely communicate with your system and diagnose your IFE and CMS systems.


  • Self contained software based system diagnostics & troubleshooting with broadband connection
  • Just like having a DPI technician on board to assist SmartLink installation, update, and diagnostics
  • Capable to evaluate the system, locate problems, update firmware, and configure universal spares
  • Remote system administration by DPI Labs support team
  • System Diagnostics
  • System Firmware Updates
  • Remote Enabled Audio, Text, and Video assistance with support team

On-Site Field Support

Our Product Support Field Team is available anytime, anywhere to travel to your plane anywhere in the world.

Product Documentation Manuals

Do you require a product manual or specification document?

System Training and Certification Programs

DPI’s Training Programs are designed to give Completion Centers and Flight Departments the tools and skills they need to make installing and maintaining our IFE and CMS systems easy. Sessions are offered on-site at DPI headquarters or may be hosted at your facility.

Supplier Quality Clauses

Download the DPI Labs Supplier Quality Clauses below.

FAA Repair Station Number 7DPR851C

Repair Station Parts Capability List

Did you know that DPI maintains repair capabilities on most all parts we’ve manufactured to date. Below is a list of many of the common parts we service. Don’t see your part on the list? Please inquire further. We are continuously updating our parts capability list. This list is temporarily off-line for updates. Please call us at 909-392-5777 ext. 223 for support.