Air Gasper


Air Gaspers

DPI’s air gaspers implement mechanical design considerations to reduce the amount of noise at the air nozzle exit. Several different sizes and versions are available.

The Air Gasper

Designed to match your interior plating and finish needs, DPI’s air distribution products can be easily retrofitted or installed in new cabins and are a perfect match to our LED passenger lighting.

DPI’s Air Gaspers are 16 decibels quieter than the industry average, are simple to install, and omit the hissing noise common to competing products.

The Air Gasper provides variable control of cold air flow for to passengers. These units are the quietest available on the market at only 4 dB of noise in the worst case condition. Available in 1.1” and 1.6” diameter designs, the sizes give the maximum flexibility to interior designers allowing them to be installed vertically for space savings.

Air Gasper
Air Gaspers for Aircraft Cabin
Air Gaspers PSU
Air Gaspers

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