Be Entertained InFlight with High Definition Audio and Video

High Definition Audio and Video on Demand

The Digital Audio Video Distribution System (AVDS) provides network infrastructure for standard and high definition audio/video content in an uncompressed format. HDMI, SDI, component, composite, and digital audio are among the available inputs and outputs.

High Definition AVDS Features

  • SL-HD1004-x — HD Audio Video Distribution
  • No loss
  • No Compression
  • Fiber Optic Ring Network
  • Zero Latency
  • Blu-Ray – DVI-HDMI – Component – HD-SDI – CVBS – VGA – Ethernet – 5.1 Audio

Individual IFE Control Modules Available


InFlight Entertainment

Designed to satisfy the toughest critics, DPI offers a variety of audio and video switching controllers to distribute signals to local and cabin zones. High definition video and audio on demand, surround-sound processors, power amplifiers, high-fidelity speakers, and subwoofers allow DPI to configure a system that meets your exact requirements.

Personal Video Switcher

DPI’s PVS provides iPod™ integration into local or bulkhead monitors. Since the PVS is independent of the cabin entertainment system, the privacy of each passenger’s media content is safeguarded.

Local video is switched automatically to iPod video when the unit detects a signal from the RCA jack on the complementary panel. The unit is compatible with all analog video formats and incorporates video briefing and PA audio override to meet FAA requirements.

Audio / Video Rack

DPI produces a variety of audio/video distribution racks based on the number of input sources and output channels desired, up to 32 in a single unit. Analog and High Definition models available. All A/V racks include boarding music and PA override functions and are fully compatible with DPI’s SmartLink™ Cabin Management System.

Surround Sound Processor

For the high-fidelity customer, surround sound is a must. DPI produces surround-sound processors to provide precise sound imaging for movies and music. The PFH-901 is designed to interface with standard analog stereo inputs and produces 5+1 channels of audio: center, left front, right front, left rear, right rear, and subwoofer. These outputs are designed to couple to a 6-channel amplifier.

Audio Amplifiers

DPI offers a range of audio amplifiers from 60 to 600 Watts. These units are self-contained, vary in power supplies from 28VDC to 115VAC, and are designed with the lowest weight per watt output. They feature internal active crossovers and provide excellent frequency response.

Mid Range and Treble Speakers

DPI offers a variety of aircraft cabin speakers to meet any space constraint. Our most popular speaker, the DBC-02, provides excellent frequency coverage, and an integrated 12″ pigtail assures an easy connection.


DPI offers subwoofer enclosures that maximize sound pressure in the smallest envelope possible. Powered and non-powered units are available. Integrated mounting holes and a pigtail harness ensure easy installation.

Audio / Video Ports

Several variations of audio and video adapters are available for entertainment integration. These adapters provide HDMI, RCA, stereo, Lightning, USB 3,  USB C and audio connections for external device inputs into Cabin Management and In-Flight Entertainment Systems.

iPod Cradle

Several variations of docking stations are available for entertainment system integration, including RCA inputs. These adapters provide both iPod and RCA connections for iPods, Zunes, Nanos, camcorders, and portable DVDs.

Remote Control

DPI utilizes the latest technologies to integrate audio, video, and cabin control selections.

Audio Buffer

When multiple locations are required for the same audio source input, an audio buffer solves the problem. DPI’s SL-1971 module splits four audio inputs into six outputs per channel, for a total output of 24 channels. The module provides ground isolation for improved audio quality, and allows for multiple A/V rack configurations while maintaining audio output.

Video Buffer

When multiple locations are required for the same video source input, a video buffer solves the problem. DPI’s SL-1977 module splits four video inputs into six video outputs per channel, for a total output of 24 channels. The module provides ground isolation for improved video quality, and allows for multiple A/V rack configurations while maintaining video output.

SmartLink IFE

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